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How to book your experience in Menorca

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The experiences available are organised by key options, making it easy, quick and simple to find what you want:

  1. Categories and subdivisions
    • Activities
      • Boating
      • Mountain biking
      • Horse riding
      • Catamaran sailing
      • Vessels
      • Fitness
      • Golfing
      • Kayaking
      • Water scooters
      • Hiking
      • Snorkelling
      • Spa and Wellness
      • Stand up paddling
      • Scuba diving
      • Tennis and paddle tennis
      • Dinghy sailing
      • Sailing
      • Windsurfing
    • Courses and qualifications
      • Kayaking
      • Scuba diving
      • Stand ud paddling
      • Windsurfing
      • Sailing
      • Snorkelling
      • Skipper course for boats over 20m.
      • Skipper course for boats up to 20m.
      • Skipper course for boats up to 12m.
      • Skipper course for boats up to 7.5m.
    • Accommodation
      • By location
    • Other Services
      • Mooring rentals
      • Car rentals
      • Transfers
      • Nautical services
      • Logistics
      • Nautical clubs
      • Restaurants
      • Bars
      • Shops
      • Travel agents
      • Water parks
      • Museums
  2. Discover
    • The sea
    • The sky
    • The beach
    • Nature
    • The coast
    • The city
  3. Enjoy
    • Alone
    • With your partner
    • With your family
    • With senior citizens
    • In a group
    • With your colleagues
    • With your classmates
  4. Experience
    • In spring
    • In summer
    • In autumn
    • In winter
  5. Ideas
    • Sea Fest
    • Romance
    • Adventure
    • For the whole family
    • Sport
    • Wellbeing
    • Nature
    • Maritime
    • For children
    • Traditional
  6. Suggestions
  7. Business
  8. Location on the map of Menorca
Check availability

If you know when you want to have your experience in Menorca, you can check by date the availability of the different products (Activities, Courses and Qualifications, Accommodation and Other Services) by using the searcher located at the top of each website page.

Filter the experiences

After selecting options and relevance, you can filter the results of your search by selecting various options:

  • Rentals
  • Excursions
  • Courses
  • Qualifications
  • Type of experience
  • Business
  • Location
  • Price
  • Level
  • Discover
  • Relish
  • Enjoy
  • Savour

Results can be ordered by price (low to high or high to low).

Booking dates, times and number of people

Once you have chosen your experience, you may book it by selecting the date on the calendar located on the product file. Available dates appear in green, with the price per adult for that day.

Once the day is selected, choose the time you want the activity and the number of adults, children and infants you want to book.

Please note the number of children and infants might be limited in relation to the number of adults in some activities.

Once the date, time and number of people have been selected, add the experience to your basket. Your basket will automatically be updated for you to check it is correct. Your basket may be edited, and you may carry on browsing and add more experiences to your basket.

Related experiences

Below each product file there is a choice of related experiences that you might like to look at.

Make a gift of an experience

We know many people like to give experiences as a gift, so you have the option to make a booking, to give to someone as a present.

The process is straightforward: when you make the booking, select the ‘gift’ option from the ‘personal details’ section. A short form will come up to fill in the name of the person receiving the gift along with a phone number, should it be necessary to get in touch. To enjoy the experience, all is needed is the name of the person who made the booking, the booking reference you will receive by e-mail, and the name and surname of the recipient.

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