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Aims of our website

The website is a service for our associates. The aim is to encourage a range of bookings. It offers information about the online sale of nautical activities, restaurants, accommodation and other services and offers. The intention is to help to coordinate and increase sales in giving satisfaction to future clients by providing information on businesses, goods and services on offer, as well as their availability.

Paying for the booking

Bookings are confirmed when payment is received in full through our secure payment system.

Bookings and payments made through this website are periodically sent to the association member payee, to whom the client must address all further communications.

Any changes in bookings

Please notify the central booking office in writing should you wish to modify your booking (date, number of people, etc). All changes are subject to availability and conditions specific to each product. Please remember that businesses are only required to provide the services that have been confirmed.

Cancelation of bookings

Please read the cancelation policy of the business supplying the service to cancel a booking.

Weather conditions

Activities available on the website can be affected by weather conditions, more specifically by wind conditions. Hence all businesses reserve the right to cancel any activity for safety reasons, should they consider it necessary. In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, an alternative day or a full refund will be offered.

Services supplied

Bookings made through this website do not imply any connection between the customer and the Nautical Destination ‘Estació Nàutica de Menorca’. Bookings of goods and services are made directly with a company which assumes all responsibility for the booking.

Members of the ‘Estació Nàutica de Menorca’ association are responsible for the description and pricing of goods and services, as well as conditions of payment advertised on the website. They are responsible for keeping all details up to date.

The ‘Estació Nàutica de Menorca’ association cannot be held responsible for any bookings of goods and services by customers. Customers are to contact the supplier of said goods and services.

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Personal Data Policy

The user accepts that personal details given to Estaciones Náuticas de Menorca may be kept in a personal file and used for statistical purposes.

Files created for statistical purposes are owned by and the responsibility of Estaciones Nauticas de Menorca. The owner of the data has the right to access them at all times, and the right to modify or cancel the data.

The data required must be supplied for to carry out the contracted service. Estaciones Náuticas de Menorca can refuse their services if the data is not provided.

The user's consent for the processing and transfer of personal data may be revoked at any time. 

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