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Getting active in Menorca

There are so many opportunities to get active in Menorca, whether it be on two legs or four, powered by two wheels, a paddle or simply letting the wind fill your sail. And it will not be just the sport that takes your breath away, the island’s impressive scenery promises to do that too.
If you like to move at speed, then biking is one of the best ways to explore this unspoiled island. From rugged coastal terrain to endless country lanes, there are plenty of routes to suit the width of your tyres. Mountain bikers will be drawn to the ups and downs of the Camí de Cavalls – Menorca’s 185km perimeter coastal path. It guides riders across country tracks, winding through resorts, farmland and alongside abandoned salt pans, mixing narrow cliff top paths and rocky passes with shady woodland and stunning beaches in between. For road racers, the steep slopes of Monte Toro, the island’s highest point, make for a tough challenge. Fortunately, the magnificent panoramic views at the top make the climb worthwhile. While those preferring a more relaxing pace can cycle at their leisure along the network quiet single track roads that cover a large proportion of Menorca.
Runners, too, can get to see Menorca’s spectacular and varied land and seascapes as they clock up the kilometres, pounding along sandy shores, waterfront footpaths and coastal tracks or jogging across fields and along peaceful country lanes. Dropping the speed right down, a walk around Es Grau’s natural park or along the golden sand at Son Bou beach cannot fail to refresh and revitalise mind, body and soul.
If being on, rather than in, the water appeals, then kayaking is another way to move swiftly around the island. Skimming across the crystal clear water, kayakers discover secret bays and isolated coves, spot protected sea grass and feisty fish, and dart around the array of islets that decorate the coastline. It’s an easy-going way to get up close to Menorca’s coastline. Beginners will find they quickly get into the rhythm of paddling, while regulars won’t be disappointed as they navigate between rocky obstacles, into caves and over the waves. There are regular organised excursions that kayakers can join, which are ideal for paddling further afield – or simply hire one on the beach and make your own way across the bay. Sailors and windsurfers also have weather-proof means of getting out on the water. The protected waters at Fornells bay are calm all year round, regardless of whatever winds are blustering out on the north coast, making it an ideal place to sail and windsurf. And, as the sea is so shallow in the bay, it is also perfect for novices to get to grips with these sports and more.
Another one of the island’s home-grow treasures is its graceful breed of Menorquina pure bred horses. Elegant and aloof, these creatures are best known for their role in the island’s summer festivities. The Menorcans’ love of horses means that you can not only ride these dramaticcreatures, but also get to see them in action, throughout the year. The annual Menorcan Horse Fair is a celebration of one of the island’s most revered beasts – they were never used for labour on Menorcan farms, and visitors have a chance to admire their sleek black coats up close. And when performing dressage, riders communicate silently with their horses, while these huge animals surprise and delight, never putting a hoof wrong. You can’t help but wonder how they make it look so easy.
With so much to do and see, it’s no wonder that so many people are inspired to get active when they visit Menorca and rediscover the great outdoors.

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