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Asociación Española de Estaciones Náuticas

The Spanish Association of Nautical Destinations is a non-profit organisation formed by all the Nautical Associations of Spain. Menorca is of course a member of the Asociación Española de Estaciones Náuticas (AEEN).

AEEN is a nationwide club that brings together:

  • Members offering nautical activities and members in the tourist sector. The aim is to offer specialised quality products and to provide optimum conditions for nautical sports in destination.
  • Offer and demand through promotional action and commercial coordination.

The role of AEEN is:

  • To administer the Nautical Destinations brand.
  • To define the standard of quality expected of Nautical Destinations and associated businesses while ensuring such standards are maintained.
  • To promote the growth of the website and to support new destinations in their application process.
  • To encourage the innovation and development of nautical tourism products.
  • To prepare and coordinate promotion planning in national and international markets.
  • To ensure satisfactory communication between associate members
  • To foster backing and financial support from institutions, to negotiate alliances and trade agreements.

The goal of AEEN is to develop nautical tourism that is both competitive and sustainable, to promote cooperation between the public and the private sector, to place Spain in the lead as an international nautical destination.

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